• Malaysian driftwood is a favourite choice for aquascaping because it is natural and self-sinking.
  • No two pieces of driftwood look alike whereby each piece is unique and has its own character, shape, curve and beauty.
  • All driftwoods go through a cleaning (without chemical or bleach) and QC process.
  • Fish love driftwood and will make it their home once it is introduced into the aquarium, especially when live plants are added to the holes and hollow areas of driftwood.

Standard Packing Information

  • SSS (5-6) @ 120pcs per packet
  • SS (7-8 @ 80pcs per packet
  • S (10-12 @ 40pcs per packet
  • M (12-14 @ 15pcs per packet
  • L (16-20) @ 4pcs per packet
  • XL, XXL also available as per request.
Malaysian Driftwood Photos

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