About Malaysian Driftwood

Malaysian Driftwoods is another main business focused by Syarikat Poh Hup Sdn Bhd. We are specialized on exporting Malaysian Driftwood globally over the past 20 years. Our principal is to “delighting our customers and beyond their expectation?

Our driftwood is completely natural, unique, quality, dense and self sinking. All Driftwoods are hand selected, pressure washed and no chemicals are used. It is ideal for Aquarium uses, Art Decoration, Personal collection etc.

Malaysia Driftwood is a favorite choice for aquascaping since it is natural and self-sinking, thus do not need to have a base to keep it from floating. Its natural look blends well with fish and plants in the aquarium and is the finished touch to a beautiful aquascape.

Fish love driftwood and will make it their home once it is introduced into the aquarium, especially when live plants are added to the holes and hollow areas of driftwood.

Even though our driftwood are natural and has been treated accordingly, when we pack them, we still need to dry them. At such, when it is placed back into the water, it will still have the tendency to brown the water and release a bit of tannin. Thus, it is still advisable to soak the driftwood in tap water for a few days before transferring into the aquarium.

Malaysian Driftwood are completely natural products. Main application is for Aquarium and decoration purposes. Its technical specification comply with most of the aquarium environment requirements. We assure that all of our driftwood will be safe to use. Syarikat Poh Hup Sdn. Bhd. is Licensed Driftwood Exporter.

Malaysia Driftwood Standard Grade Table

Size Unit
Qty for 1 x 20'
Price for 1x20'
Container Qty
Qty for 1x40'
Price for 1x40'
Container Qty
L 16inch and above 6.5 ~ 9 lbs 4pcs/ bag 1300 pcs Please call 2200 pcs Please call
M 12inch ~ 14inch 3.5 ~ 4.5 lbs 15pcs/bag 4125 pcs 8250 pcs
S 10inch ~ 12inch 1.0 ~ 2.5 lbs 40pcs/bag 11000 pcs 22000 pcs
SS 7inch ~ 8inch 0.6 ~ 1.5 lbs 80pcs/bag 22000 pcs 44000 pcs
SSS 5inch ~ 6inch 0.4 ~ 0.9 lbs 120pcs/bag 33000 pcs 66000 pcs
NOTE: XL, XXL also available as per request.
** Above is our standard packing size. We do provide different packing according to customers' requirement.


  • Recommended order quantity is 1 X 20' container.
  • Price might be higher for smaller quantity order inqury.
  • Sample pictures are for reference only. The actual shape and size will be varied with individual wood.
  • Our Malaysia Driftwood will sink by itself right away, you don't have to wait for soap or "water-logged" it. (That's why our customers like our products.)
  • All prices are based on FOB Port Kelang, Malaysia. POH HUP is responsible for the Local charges, Custom forwarding charges in Port Kelang, Fumigation charges and Local container pick up charges. The shipping cost is due to freight collect.
  • All lead-time will be informed upon receipt of actual purchase order, and will be activated upon receipt of down payment of the order.


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